The 10-Day Superforecast Audit

Learn how much you can boost your prediction accuracy with Superforecast's state-of-the-art Machine Learning in just 10 days.

Find out how much
you can improve your predictions
with Superforecast

In just 10 days we can tell you exactly by how much you can increase your forecast accuracy with Superforecast’s cutting edge technology. Higher accuracy directly translates into measurable business results: less waste, less overhead, better resource utilization and ultimately higher ROI.


How It Works: Backtesting Forecasting

How can we prove if Superforecast outperforms your internal forecasting?

By combining AutoML and backtesting: with backtesting we test Superforecast’s abilities against your historical data.
The difference is an exact quantification how much you can improve your business.


  • AutoML

Superforecast computes many ML models and selects the best forecasting model

  • Backtesting

We then test this predictive model on historical data

  • Output/Result

and compare this forecast with your own internal forecast

Plus, there’s more …

Get Deeper Insights From Your Time Series Data


What external factors drive your KPIs?


How are your predictions distributed?


Does prediction confidence change over time?

Fixed Time, Fixed Price

Identify Opportunities to
Improve Business Outcomes
In Just Two Weeks

Our service offering lets you rapidly uncover hidden opportunities to optimize business processes, reduce costs and maximize efficiencies.

Put us to the test:

We have developed a fixed time, fixed price service package to give you the answer to this question in just one week. All you need to do is to provide us with your time series actuals and your forecast history and we take care of the rest

What We Do In 10 Days

We let Superforecast compute predictions for your time series. Within 10 days you get a direct comparison between your current/internal performance and state-of-the-art ML technology.

From inventory levels to workforce staffing to financial planning, learn how much you can improve resource planning and allocation by increasing forecasting accuracy.

Risk-free through fixed time, fixed price: get an exact ROI for the business value that Superforecast can generate for you by increasing efficiency and reducing waste.

How it works: as easy as 1 – 2 – 3

Get all your insights and grow your business in three simple steps.

Step 1

Prepare & agree: we set up a call to discuss scope and deliverables of the Forecasting Audit. Once we understand exactly what your objectives are and you understand scope and deliverables, we have a deal.

Step 2

Perform work: we sign a mutual NDA and securely upload your data. Superforecast will do AutoML and backtesting, a human expert will review and interpret the results. Your data will be removed from our cloud after we have completed our report.

Step 3

Get results: you’ll receive a bespoke report containing our findings, and we’ll schedule a video call to walk you through the results and take your questions. Additionally, you will get a PDF report and an Excel spreadsheet with Superforecast's latest forecasts.

What We Do


After we have agreed on a timetable, we start the Forecasting Audit. No interruption for you. You can focus on your day-to-day responsabilities.

What You Get: Results


We make sure we transfer all insights into your organization so you get the maximum output of our service pack. We will give you a personal presentation and a knowledge-transfer-session, together with a comprehensive report and software with all the top-scoring predictive models.


Expert Presentation

One of our experts will walk you through the work that has been performed and explain our findings in a call with your team.

Comprehensive Report

All of Superforecast’s results are documented in a PDF file which covers our insights in detail.

Current Forecasts

An Excel spreadsheet that contains Superforecast’s best predictions for the next months and a description of the ML model type that Superforecast selected.


Do I need to prepare my data for Forecasting Week?

We can work with most common data formats and therefore in most cases, no special preparation is required. Before the start of Forecasting Week, we will quickly review your data structure to confirm that it is suitable for us.


What skills will I need for Forecasting Week?

You need to have a clear understanding of what you want to forecast and your business objectives. No Machine Learning Skill required. We will explain everything that is needed, when we go through the results together.

What happens after the Forecasting Week?

You keep the PDF document and the XLS spreadsheet and we delete your data from our cloud. And, of course, if Superforecast has proven to better forecast your business future, we’re happy to discuss how to integrate Superforecast in your IT landscape.


What if Forecasting Week does not quite fit my needs?

If you have special requirements regarding data integration or you cannot allow your data to replicate to the Wireframe cloud for regulatory reasons, just get in touch with us. We are happy to discuss your particular needs and we are very likely able to customize Forecasting Week and make you a bespoke offer.

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