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Forecast business outcomes easily and accurately using machine learning

Create forecasts for any type of time series. Applies to every function across the enterprise – from supply chain and finance to marketing and sales, and every industry, from manufacturing and retail to banking and telecommunications.

Deploy Superforecast with its cutting-edge AI/ML in the Enterprise and deliver high-quality forecasts to all business functions.

Superforecasting for everyone.

Supply Chain & Operations

Reliably and accurately predict demand for products and services.

Reduce inventory costs without compromising on service levels.

Optimize spend forecasting, anticipate procurement costs, choose the best price from the best vendor.


Own the forecasting and budgeting process. Prepare the best input for financial decision making.

Understand the dynamics of revenues, costs and profits over time.

Improve capital utilization and make long-term decisions with more confidence.

Marketing & Sales

Create optimized forecasts for products & services.

Understand the finer nuances of different products and customer groups. Make shifts & trends visible.

Predict market movements and competitor pricing.

Executive Management

Get a multidimensional view of your future business outcomes.

Compare actuals and forecasts and get early warnings about pending changes.

Learn about key drivers and dynamics aggregated from big data sets.

How Superforecast gives you
high-precision forecasts:



Use latest Machine Learning methods for Time Series Forecasting

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have made enormous progress in the last decade.

Replace old and outdated forecasting methods and apply these powerful methods to your forecasting system to get high-quality results.

Go beyond simple point forecasts with statistical predictions

Simple point forecasts miss out on a lot of valuable and relevant information: From where we are today, probabilistic forecasts tell you what future scenarios are most likely to happen.

Use prediction intervals to understand forecasting probabilities and distributions.

Boost your forecasts with external drivers

Many time series are influenced by other variables that happen a bit earlier.

Identify which leading indicators drive your time series and calculate the time lag to precisely manage outcomes.

Immediately spot anomalies to anticipate disruptions and mitigate negative impact

With new data coming in, Superforecast not only lets you continuously review and update you forecasts but it also looks for fundamental changes in Time Series behaviour.

Our sophisticated outlier detection gives you early warning about anomalies. That lets you prepare the right management response to mitigate adverse consequences.

Use Artificial Intelligence to solve your forecasting challenges

Superforecast gives you high-quality forecasts for today’s fast-moving business world. It is engineered from the ground up to leverage the latest Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning methods. Cloud computing provides virtually infinite computing capabilities which are required by our cutting edge neural network and deep learning models.

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We compute Superforecasts for last year and compare them with your internal predictions.

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Achieving Forecasting Awesomeness

High-quality Forecasting will get more and more important: political disruptions, pandemics and business volatility will demand highly professional forecasting to manage fragile supply chains, stock-outs and demand fluctuations.

Superforecast comes with all the latest mathematics and technology built-in to give you state-of-the-art forecasts but it can do more than that: it helps you adopt world-class Time Series management methods. That way you are ready to handle all future scenarios.

Make your forecasting truly data-driven by removing human bias. Eliminate guesswork and let your team really understand the dynamics driving your business environment. Continuously review and update your forecasts to not miss out on important changes.


  • We calculate multiple forecasts via automated machine learning providing you the best forecast
  • All these prediction models are stored in our Superforecast database
  • Our data warehouse approach lets you process thousands of forecasts with ease


  • Get the best forecasts by combining human expertise and machine learning
  • Engage your team and make forecasting fun by fostering deeper understanding and insights into what drives your Time Series


  • Keep track of your Time Series and monitor forecast errors
  • Catch subtle changes and disaggregate Time Series into level shifts, drifts and trends, seasonalities and cycles as well as volatility and noise
  • Spot anomalies and identify outliers early and quickly react and adjust

Embed Superforecast in Your Organization

Give everybody in your organization access to high-quality forecasts by seamlessly integrating Superforecast in your workflow:

Automate forecasting

  • Import Time Series from your data sources
  • Integrate external data sets
  • Let Superforecast calculate the best forecasts

Enable high-quality analytics

  • Analyze results in Superforecast’s WebUI
  • Distribute forecasts and analysis via PDF or Excel
  • Export automated forecasts via API to consuming applications

Deploy Superforecast on any cloud

We have made it super easy for you to get high-precision predictions. Superforecast is built for the cloud and runs on all major public platforms.

Run it on your cloud or subscribe to our managed service.

How to get super forecasts

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